Ekomak compressor


From our past to the present


Ekomak Industrial compressor and Machinery industry Trade Inc. since 1992, it has been providing compressed air solutions to all industries. It is the industry's trusted brand for high-efficiency compressors, compressed air dryers, line filters and other compressed air equipment. In the main product group of Ekomak compressor with numerous commercial membership and participation, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, CE, ISO 3834, It has international certifications such as ISO 1217, EAC, UKR Sepro and Marine. Ekomak compressor products and technology are recognized worldwide, with reliability and innovation aviation, food, chemistry, biochemistry, electronics, it is a company that serves important sectors of the industry such as textile, metal, energy, petrochemicals. As part of the Atlas Copco Group, Ekomak compressor offers you global solutions for the range of industrial systems and equipment.


With complete compressed air solutions and unrivalled service, we aim to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by optimizing our customers' productivity and efficiency.


We attach importance to being reliable, to provide solutions that add value to our customers, to be an effective company with an awareness of environmental and social responsibility while producing high quality and efficient products, to constantly use high technology in our products and services, to provide services with qualified and equipped employees.

Brand promise

In all the markets we serve, we commit to success with quality, which is our promise to our partners, colleagues, investors and customers. We want to be recognized as the main partner in the manufacturing sector, optimizing durability, efficiency and safety. These words describe our ideal future and represent the spirit we carry as a company.